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Back to NY

I (and therefore FIE LLC) spent the last five years located in Central Florida, in the downtown Orlando area. But I’m now back in NY.

The reality is, over my career, I’ve done a lot of moving and displacing. I’m from NY, but I’ve lived in LA, Austin and Orlando. All for multiple years.

However, as of early this year (2022) I’ve moved back to NY. The drivers license is changed. The car is registered. Etc.

The reasons for the move to FL were numerous. Likewise, the reasons for the move back to NY are numerous. Some are personal. Some are more business related. Most are confidential and not really for publication. Also, this little world event known as “COVID-19” happened in the middle there too; which changed a lot of things for a lot of people.

Now that I’m back in the NY area, I’m looking forward to figuring out what I and FIE LLC are to become.

More to come.